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The People Behind City Food Tours

Robert WeinbergRobert Weinberg
Co-owner & Tour Director

Originally from New York, Robert moved to Philadelphia 23 years ago to attend the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Japanese (blame the movie "Shogun"). While at Penn, he attended the New York Restaurant School and graduated with honors. He subsequently attended classes at the International Pastry Arts Center in N. White Plains, NY. After completing his degree at Penn, he spent time studying in Japan (and eating everything in sight!) Upon returning to the U.S., Robert fulfilled his dream of becoming a restaurateur and opened Beyond Measure in Center City with his sister, and founder of City Food Tours, Joyce Weinberg.

Having grown up in a kosher home and becoming a vegetarian 8 years ago, he is very knowledgeable in various religious and cultural dietary customs and appreciates and accommodates people from different culinary backgrounds.

Guilty Pleasure: Anything from Entenmann's
Eric MatzkeEric Matzke
Co-owner & Tour Director

Although Eric was born in a suburb of Chicago, he spent his entire childhood on the island of Oahu in Hawaii where there are strong Japanese, Hawaiian, Samoan, and Filipino influences. His earliest memories are of eating Manapua (sticky buns with meat filling), huli huli chicken, Portuguese sausage, and kim chee.

Eric is a self-proclaimed food nerd. From his study of sustainable agriculture and economic botanicals in college to advanced pastry courses at The Philadelphia Restaurant School, he has an insatiable appetite to learn about delicious foods. Eric has a solid background in not only wine, beer, cheese, and chocolate, but also Brazilian Rodizio cuisine and Aphrodisiac foods. He develops all of the content for our special events, including our Flower Show Food Tour, July 4th Red, White, and Blue Tour, and "So Long to Summer" Labor Day Tour. His graphic arts, design, and website background constantly come in handy as he is also our Art Director.

Eric has extensive tour-guide experience and has planned events for non-profits and convention groups across the US. He received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Zoology from Eastern Illinois University and his Masters in Fine Arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Guilty Pleasure: Grocery store birthday cakes
Judy B.Judy B.
Flavors of Philly Tour Director

Judy is proud to say that she is a fourth generation Philadelphian and therefore a history and anything Philly enthusiast, including its rich history of food. Having a degree in broadcasting, her career has included being a producer/director for Educational TV, public radio, advertising, event planning, and most recently public relations. Her favorite job was being a DJ for 20 years. Judy loves being with people and creating memories for them.

With City Food Tours, Judy has been able to share her love of the city along with her passion for its food, including her own experiences of her youth and ancestry.

Guilty Pleasure: The Philadelphia Hoagie - before her son was born he was called "Hoagie Beck" because of the amount of hoagies she ate. He was born 10 lbs, 4 oz!
Prohibition Cocktail Tour Director

Adam moved to Philadelphia in 2003 to attend Temple University. During the week, Adam works as a school counselor for kindergarten through 8th grade students. Adam's favorite thing in the world is talking with people of all ages, and he sees it as a great privilege to be able to split his time being around kids (during the weekdays) and adults (on the weekends). When he isn't working, Adam can be found at random coffee houses all over the city drinking black coffee and drawing whatever pops into his head. His biggest fears include possums, heights, and overdressing.

Guilty Pleasure: Wawa Apple Fritters
Christine H. Christine H.
Flavors of Philly Tour Director

Christine's another Philly girl, born and raised. Her after-school job in high school, with a law firm, had her delivering letters all over the city, so she knows Philly like the back of her hand. Christine loves that every neighborhood in the city has its own distinct character. She has a degree in Psychology (and a heart of gold). She works with Veterans and their families as a Research Coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania. She has a passion for travel and exploring new restaurants. Christine loves leading tours because she gets to meet people from all over the country and introduce them to her hometown that she adores.

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream with pretzels
Kelly K.Kelly K.
Flavors of Philly Tour Director

Kelly was born,raised,and fed right here in Philadelphia. Her father worked for a local Philly treat--Tastykake--for 32 years and her mother was the most requested lunch mother. This led to Kelly's connection of food, joy and togetherness. Kelly enjoys time with family and friends exploring new restaurants and local hot spots. In her free time she plays softball and flag football. When she's not treating tour guests to amazing Philly eats, Kelly works as a merchandise controller for a major department store. At her home, Kelly has 200+ prized reminders of Philadelphia history--cobblestones rescued from the very streets that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson may have walked. Kelly loves doing tours because she gets to meet new people and show off little local treasures in the city that she loves.

Guilty Pleasure: Cream filled donuts from Holmesburg Bakery
Matt S.Matt S.
Decadent Gourmet Tour Director

Originally from north Jersey, Matt has now been living right in Center City Philly for close to a decade now. He came to Philly to attend Temple U, and one of his proudest accomplishments came during his sophomore year when he successfully ate at every food truck on campus (60+ in total) over the course of the year.

When Matt isn't sharing his love of food with his tour guests, he is busy working in Recruitment and Admissions for the Music School at Temple University. No stranger to music, Matt still plays his get a gold star if you didn't have to Google it. He makes a point of working out--mostly yoga and pilates--primarily to make room for more food.

One of Matt's favorite things about giving tours is seeing the looks on peoples' faces as they walk around the Reading Terminal Market for the first time.

Guilty Pleasure: Pretzels dipped in Nutella

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